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Waterproof Airbrushed 

Cover Up & Concealment

We know you want your special occasion to have the best pictures imaginable! Let us show you how we can use our expertise in airbrushing to conceal birthmarks, tattoos, scars, severe melasma and vitiligo without using “pancake makeup” or greasy, sticky layers that will rub off on your clothing. Just like our airbrushed face painting, the high quality make-up we use for concealment is airbrushed, waterproof, and can last up to 3 days, depending on skin-type.

For best results, preparation is key for a flawless finish! Complete removal of all hair (including peach fuzz) is essential when doing any type of cover-up. This will eliminate the makeup sticking to the hairs that will create shadows in the final pictures. We do not provide hair removal services, so please be aware of that.  Full disclosure: Scars can certainly be concealed; however raised areas on the skin will still be visible and may show up in pictures. Tattooing can also cause scaring when done with a heavy hand or if a person has a reaction to the tattoo ink that was used. We care and will do our best to achieve the best possible results. Please be aware that we cannot make your skin absolutely flawless. (Skin is our business in many regards, so trust us when we tell you that no one has flawless skin anyway!)

Need a Cover-up for your wedding day? A Try-out is a must! Some tattoos/skin issues are simple and easy to conceal, while others can be a bit challenging. To be able to give you an accurate quote for your Concealment, we must schedule a trial-run consult.  Consolations are at no charge if within 35 mile radius of my home. A small travel stipend may be charged if my travel is required over 35 miles.

Call us at (812) 521-1260 or, for a quicker response, email us at

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